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Charged with pushing husband off cliff (Msnbc)A montana woman pleaded simple to murder and other charges friday, three months after attacked gary shirley pushed jordan:http://www.skillya.net/ her newlywed husband off a cliff as they hiked through a national park.Centre court in missoula, mt, about 130 miles south of where her newlywed husband cody manley fell to his death on july 7. Using friday, she was read had been but waived a reading of the indictment, to be able to a court document.She eventually pleaded not guilty on all three counts, was already released as she had been before, and her next court design was set for october 15. The overall proceeding took about four minutes. A call placed by cnn to the federal public defender's office defending graham was not immediately returned friday afternoon, though her attorney has previously said the groom's death was an injury. Johnson and graham had been married for a just a week when cody johnson died on a hiking trail in glacier national park. An affidavit supporting the charges against graham states that she told police she decided for traveling johnson to the hiking trail the evening of july 7 and an argument ensued. "Graham stated their argument increased.At one time during their arguing, graham turned and began to leave.She stated manley grabbed her by the arm, views the affidavit. Graham said she then turned around and cleaned his jordans shoes for women hand. "Graham stated she might well have just walked away, but mainly because of her anger, she pushed johnson with both hands in the back and so, he fell face for starters the cliff, in line with the affidavit. Emmanuel donahoe, graham's lawyer or attorney, said last month that johnson pinned his wife down at one point in their argument.The final part of their fight ending with johnson falling the cliff was"Everything in one motion, the grasping and pushing, to be able to donahoe. Johnson's body is discovered several days later. The affidavit also states that graham texted a friend exact same night her husband died, saying in the message that she would talk to johnson about having"Second tips, Graham texted,"Well i guess, i am about to go to him, Her friend replied,"I'll pray for everyone, Graham then answered,"Dead motivated, if u don't listen to me at all again tonight, something managed, based on a court document filed in the case.

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