Buy Louis Vuitton targets astana for illegal

French agency Buy Louis Vuitton targets astana for illegal transfusion kit An investigation into medical equipment seized by french police during the tour de france is closing in on the astana team.A new report by le monde states that the central office against environmental damage and public health(Oclaesp)Will focus any klfr further proceedings on the astana team after finding insufficient evidence against other teams. The public prosecutor in paris opened the investigation in october after oclaesp claimed it had uncovered"Suspect"Syringes of various sizes in the medical waste disposed by the astana team.The latest finding states that infusion equipment, which was banned by the world antidoping agency(Wada)In july of 2008, except in cases of medical emergency, was among the material. When asked if the astana team used any equipment banned by wada at this year's tour de france, johan bruyneel, team manager at the time, said,"No, of course not. Louis Vuitton Bags UK " Le monde's sources claim that analysis Louis Vuitton Others of the medical waste show the presence of"Polypeptides".The paris laboratory toxlab is testing for the presence of growth hormone.Also seized from the astana team were antihypertensive drugs.The afld lodged repeated complaints this summer that the astana team had been given preferential treatment by the uci during the tour de france, charging that riders were allowed to delay giving their samples by nearly an hour.The team denied holding up the proceedings, stating that the testers arrived earlier than expected and waited voluntarily.

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