Tiffany Rings Sale but still pretty and kind

Lauren conrad and vanessa hudgens love 'em A little while back, chanel announced to the world that baby blue nails were the coolest thing to hit our fingers since, um, the last colour that was ultra-Trendy. (In case you forgotten, that has included rose pink, taupe Tiffany Watches UK and jade green over the past few seasons. )And it appears the young starlets in hollywood town have been reading the gospel that is chanel and dipping their fingers in the blue stuff. Snapped on a shopping trip in la a few days back, lc kept a fairly low profile in terms of her hair and makeup.Instead, she let her nails do the talking.And boy, did they talk(In a baby blue voice, of course).She's demonstrated just how cute aquatic coloured nails look and how they can easily jazz up a grey hoodie and makeup-Less face.Thanks, lauren. Case in point no.2:A very glam, Tiffany Rings Sale but still pretty and kind of cute vanessa hudgens And now for a close up, primps, because you've got to see the results of vanessa creative juices which were quite obviously flowing when she got ready for the sucker punch red carpet this week: Miss hudgens, i like your creativity.You embraced the baby blue trend, but then made it your own by adding in another hue.The contrast between the creamy blue and glittery gold is intense, but i not too sure whether it something i adopt myself.Pastel pink and pastel purple?Heck yes.Bright shiny red teamed with a glossy orange?Another yes.You could call me a wuss, but if i was getting all creative and donning a few nail colours at once, i like them to be a little more Matchy-Matchy.

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