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66 calgary city workers to be laid see results about jordans off Calgary, cleanse.Layoff notices are dining out in dozens of city workers in vancouver tuesday as the city tries to fill a $6 million budget gap. The layoffs are about 7 percent of the town's 1, 100 staff.That handles about 75 percent of this year's budget hole.Cuts in salary living costs increases and early retirement for 30 employees will make up most of. "The objective we have in the first place, said city of calgary cfo lloyd tyler,"Is make certain the highest priority programs and services to our community are provided with the revenues we have available, Why would jordans shoes for women you now? Sixty six positions will be did away with by the end of february.Twenty two of those are vacated positions which are not being refilled. The city thought we would do the layoffs now, in part to allow employees to make use of extra health coverage available through the federal stimulus program.In the middle of december, the us government extended its premium reductions for health benefits under cobra to those fired until feb.28, 2010 from a youthful Dec.31, 2009, Cutoff.These workers then can pay only 35 percent of their cobra premiums for 15 months;The government would cover the rest. It's not the first round of lay offs for the city.A similar associated with jobs were cut last year. These cuts likely are not the last either.With another limitation expected for the 2011 budget, insiders say can actually just as many jobs lost next year, the people from the city tell me they're looking at things this way for this latest round of job cuts, said calgary resident tom jordan. "Sort of from a support service perspective.They're finding out from the people who live here what they already want, and the truly amazing may not need, For almost all, that is a hard call to make. "We need everything that's available to us i believe, said the nike air jordan, a contractor in and out of work over the past year. "I don't wish to see anything go, It's a tough call for the neighborhood too, so administrators say they're making internal cuts first: "We still reduce, if not eliminate at times, our travel and re-Retuition, said calgary cfo tyler. "Would like[as well as] looking at reducing a advanced services contracts, City officials aren't saying yet so what on earth jobs are being cut.To the, they assert that the cuts are nearly"Through the board"Trying to keep as many services as possible. For vancouver's city management, terry mcdonnell,"The key to solving the deficit will be to restructure the city's total compensation technique for its employees,

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