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Jersey shores up the 'american idol' talent Welcome to new jersey, land of the overly tanned fist pump.Tiffany rios, a puerto rican dance instructor, fits right in.She has two giant silver stars attached to her top in, shall we say, prominent places.She cries when she has to look at jennifer lopez, since lopez's role as selena inspired her to sing as a child. As tiffany begins her original number, composed just for the occasion-- "America needs me,"She sings,"For higher ratings on tv" --She reveals her, um, true star potential. Thing is, she can actually sing a little bit.The judges ask her if she's got a second song, and she covers up for a surprisingly good rendition of celine dion's the power of love.She gets through on the power of her performance.She might be this season's tatiana del toro, but she doesn't seem to be quite the delusional drama queen. The next performers look more normal but sound horrendous. "Oh, honey. "Steven tells one.He's willing to dish out the bad news, but he delivers the news straightforwardly, with none of the cleverness that simon cowell brought to the task. Jennifer still seems to struggle with telling people no.Until she hears etrio Sale melkia wheatfall, a true shrieker.That's the kind of performance jennifer can say no to, with ease. Our first inspirational story of the season is 16-Year-Old robbie rosen, who was in a wheelchair when he was 5 years old.He transitioned into a walker and now walks unassisted.He says he's been envisioning himself Tiffany Bracelets Sale on idol since he was 16. He's got a gentle, breathy voice, as he sings the beatles' yesterday with a few flourishes.Steven closes his eyes and bobs his head. "Crazy mad vocals right there,"Randy says, then asks if they should vote. "No,"Jennifer tells him. "Hollywood. "

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